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We recognize the importance of strong relationship with our customers to gain the competitive advantage to provide best-of-the-breed Mobile Testing Solutions. MAT Lab help our customer to deliver high class mobile application by increasing the quality and to reduce time to market, management risks and operating cost.

About us

Specialist in Mobile Application Test

MAT Lab is Mobile Application Test Lab founded in 2011. MAT Lab is a Testing Division of DeepBiz, based on Bangalore, India. MAT Lab has been started to deliver quality mobile applications for DeepBiz with various mobile devices.

MAT Lab is an international level testing lab exclusively for Mobile Application in Android, iOS, Windows and BB mobile platforms. MAT Lab is eliminating enormous challenging to verity of enterprise mobile applications across myriads of handsets with different screen sizes and operating system flavors.

MAT Lab provides proven testing strategy model to its clients in today’s mobile application by eliminating device & platform diversity, short release cycle, lack of matured testing tools & variety of network connectivity options resulted in their cost overrun and missed deadline.

MAT Lab provides a comprehensive testing strategy that includes device and network infrastructure, optimized selection of targeted devices, and an effective combination of manual and automated testing tools to cover both functional and non-functional tests.

MAT Lab provides cost effective testing solutions to their customers that helps their mobile applications to market on time and within their budget.

Why MAT Lab

Android. iOS. Windows. Blackberry.

MAT Lab provides cost effective testing solutions to your mobile websites, mobile applications within you budget on Android, iOS, Windows and/or Blackbetty platform for Small, Normal, Large, xLarge Screen size devices.

  • MAT Android

    Google Play

    Test your mobile application for Android Platform Versions Gingerbread[2.x], Ice Cream Sandwich [4] and Jelly Bean[4.1] before publishing it to Google Play.

  • MAT iOS

    Apple Store

    Test your mobile application for iPhone, iPad, iPod on Apple iOS platform version iOS 5, iOS 6 and iOS 7

  • MAT Windows

    Windows Store
    Microsoft Windows Store

    We test your application in Windows Phone 6, 7, 8 for Nokia, Microsoft Surface, HTC, Samsung and LG and deploy your application into Windows Store.

  • MAT Blackberry

    RIM Store

  • MAT Website

    Mobile Website
    Mobile Web

    Test your Mobile Enabled Corporate Website by our MAT Lab for touch screen and/or smart devices.

  • MAT Cross Platform

    cross platform
    Native Cloud Store

    MAT Lab provides comprehensive cross platform testing for all mobile browsers including iOS, Android, Windows, RIM and HTML5.

  • MAT HTML 5

    HTML 5
    Cloud Store

    Test your application in all the browsers to meet HTML 5 and CSS3 standards.

MAT Delivered

At MAT Lab, we have executed test cases and delivered quality results to our elit customers.
Our list of Quality Testing is growing along with your support with the range of skill sets.

Android 80%
iOS 75%
Windows 85%
HTML 5 80%

Commitement and reliability

MAT Lab enhance the customer satisfaction by providing dedicated resource, committed on time delivery with low cost Quality Testing Services to your need.

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Quality Delivered

Type of Testings

We offer range of Testing Services to your need.

  • Functional Test

    GUI. Transaction.

    Functional testing includes GUI, Navigations among the controls & pages, Data Transaction, Client side Validation, Server Side Validation, Error Messages, Warning Messages, Notification Messages, Confirmation Messages etc. It ensures that your Mobile app is working as per the requirements

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  • Performance Test

    Responsiveness. Performance.

    Performance Testing inludes non-functional Testing, UI Responsiveness Testing, Performance Monitoring Testing, Regression Test, Synthetic Transaction Testing, Cross browser/Platform capability testing, Smart interruption testing, and SMS Testing to your application.

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  • Security Test

    Data Persistance. Transmission.

    Security Testing includes your application has any breach in persistance data, data transmission, encryption, decryption of information etc. to your world class application. It also covers available memory, memory leakage testing, since is crucial for the proper functioning.

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  • Network Test

    Network Type. Connectivity.

    Network Testing includes Connectivity Testing, Network type testing like Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G networks. It carries out by network carriers, complete wireless network. This test is performed to find out any glitches when a mobile application uses voice and/or data connection to perform some functions.

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  • Usability Test

    User Experience. User Group.

    Usability Testing includes User Experience Testing, User Group Testing, Design considerations, color combination etc. Usability testing is carried out to verify if the application is achieving its goals and getting a favorable response from users as it is key to commercial success.

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  • Installation Test

    Installation. Provision.

    Installation Testing includes user provisioning test, user de-provisioning test, Installation Test, and uninstallation Test. Installation testing verifies that the installation process goes smoothly without the user having to face any difficulty by downloading the application from the Web Store or directly.

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MAT Lab Engagement Model

Fixed Price : We agree on a fixed price budget for the completion of the project in alignment with scope of work, mobile device and network coverage, and complexity of testing cases.

Time and Material : We charge you for the time actually spent by the individual team members involved in the testing process of your mobile apps.

Dedicated Resource : We extend your mobile app development team with dedicated, skilled testers working out of our Mobile Testing Lab.

Specifics/Episodic: Uncommon mobile devices not included in the standard Test Lab environment or specific international networks are accessible and charged at cost (renting model per hour).

Quality and Cost Effective

MAT Lab offer an unbeatable quality testing services to your mobile appliaction within your affordable budget at short duration.

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Proud to be here

Our Portfolio

MAT Lab extents thanks to our clients for using our MAT Lab to their range of Mobile application product suites. Also we wish to list your application in this section too.


Mobile Real Estate Application

Hybrid mobile application for all platform and devices.

“found the issues more on iOS platform at early stage that eliminates QA cost and improved greatly in quality” -- AFS, UK

Device Testing: Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, iPad, HTC, Blackberry playbook Platform Testing: iOS, Windows, Android and HTML 5 Testing Type: Functional Testing, Performance Testing and Security Testing


QR Code Generator/Scanner

Native application designed for Apple Store.

“Excellent in speedy testing and support provided” – CEO, Australia

Device Testing: iPhone, iPad Platform Testing: iOS Testing Type: Functional Testing, Performance Testing and Deployment Testing


Google Map Navigation Test

Hybrid mobile application for all platform and devices.

“identified performance related issues were helped us to improve quality” – CEO, UK

Device Testing: Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, iPad, HTC, Blackberry playbook Platform Testing: iOS, Windows, Android and HTML 5 Testing Type: Functional Testing, Performance Testing and Security Testing


eCouter - Digitized scheduler

Native application designed for Windows store.

“flexible timing to work with us is an important factor”– COO, US

Device Testing: Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Windows Surface Testing Type: Platform Testing: Windows and HTML 5


Addarea - Add content publisher

Native application designed for Andriod.

“great support at critical stage”– Founder , US

Device Testing: Nokia, Samsung, HTC Platform Testing: Andriod and HTML 5 Testing Type: Functional Testing, Performance Testing.


Mobile Elearning Application

Native application designed for Andriod

“much appreciate the tester’s effort to their test strategy and execution” – VP Operation , UK

Device Testing: Nokia, Samsung, HTC Platform Testing: Andriod and HTML 5 Testing Type: Functional Testing, Performance Testing.


Increased Sales and Revenue

You can use our MAT Lab to test completely before getting into the store. Quality improved applicaiton helps you growing volume of sale and revenue as well.

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Testing Strategy

Strategy Approach

MAT Lab considers various elements of an effective mobile application testing strategy and recommendations based on Device Model Selection, Device Platform Selection, Application Form Factor, Display Density and Connectivity option.

  • Application Test


    MAT Lab Defines Application Oriented Testing Stategy depends on your Application Requirement like Native Application Test, Hybrid Test or Mobile Web application test. Your application type may determines the limitation on Portability, Usability, Screen Size, Resolution, Offline Storage, Local Cache, Performance, Native Device Functionalities such as Camera, Scanner, Calendar, Geo and Media players.

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  • Device Test

    Real Device. Cloud Device.

    MAT Lab defines Device oriented Testing Strategy that depends on your application requirement on real devices or Remote Devices or all possible combinations. Target devices for testing a mobile application should balance the need to use a representative sample of the expected device population with the need to optimize duration and cost of testing has been optimised to meet clients budget.

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  • Automated Test

    Cloud Base. Installation.

    MAT Lab defines Automated Testing Strategy, typically include functional testing, UI testing, usability testing, network testing, performance & stress testing, smoke testing, regression testing, (un)installation testing , power consumption, memory testing, interruption. The diversity of mobile application features to be considered for testing this approach and the cost of testing is high.

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  • Custom Test

    Test Plan. Test Case.

    MAT Lab defines Custom Test Case Execution Strategy in addition to common or standard test cases for mobile devices, we use a combination of test scripts provided by the customer or derived from application specifications to cover functionality. Lab provides the Test Plan and Test Cases to be executed as per Test Plan. Based on the test case execution the application deployed to end user.

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Less expenses and Highier returns

Our testing would cost you very less, but it proves your application revenue higher.

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We are here to improve quality.

MAT Lab works 24/7 to ensure your mobile applicaiton quality improvements by identifying and solving quality issues before they become problems. We are working to ensure optimum application performance across all platforms and devices that enable you to make more user satisfaction and resulted in more revenue.

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